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Video: Drawing on the outside of the ring — 5 Comments

  1. You can also draw epitrochoids by having one wheel revolving around another. Try wheel 63 outside wheel 64 and changing pens after every 16 cusps.

  2. Speaking of greeting cards, Heather: Do you have recommendations on which papers work best for spirograph images? Right now I just have the basic Spirograph-brand toy and dinking around on copy paper. I want to get some of the Wild Gears sets and make really nice cards for the holidays. I might also want to frame some for home decor. Thanks much!

    • I’ve made some really nice cards using Strathmore pre-cut and folded cards that you can buy at office supply and art supply shops. They come in lots of different sizes and paper types. I’ll take some pictures now and make a post about it.

      Any paper will do if the ink doesn’t smear, which some gel pens may do on coated papers. You could even make designs on boxes – or on walls, I suppose, though I haven’t tried it. I’ve used glitter and metallic gel pens on the Strathmore cards and they look great.

      Sorry for the delay; I missed seeing your comment earlier.

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