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New Basic How-To Spirograph Video! — 4 Comments

  1. I like that you continued with the design when the wheel slipped, and didn’t edit that bit out. I find that I have to use 6-8 small pieces of putty, if I use 4 pieces the wheel can slip under the ring in the spaces between pieces of putty.

    • Thanks! Yes, especially if the ring is a bit warped as these ones tend to be, it helps to use lots of putty. Thanks for mentioning it.

  2. How do you get the inner wheel to not pop out when you arw using the holes on the outside of the wheel? I’ve tried flipping the wheel over with modest success but it’s driving me crazy. Is “will gears” better in this regard?

    • It’s a skill that takes practice – how much pressure to put where, to keep the teeth engaged but not push too hard, developing a feel for which directions to push in, allowing the rotating wheel to speak to your hand. I started so young that it’s intuitive, so breaking it down into motions involves a lot of awareness-building.

      That said, the newer Spirograph sets sometimes have a bit of warp in the wheels which make it more difficult than the vintage sets. Wild Gears is better in that regard as the material is heavier. But the gears can still jump, especially if the table isn’t perfectly flat or if you aren’t using it. Keep trying.

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