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  1. These are amazing. Wish you produced an affordable kit for kids. I was telling a child about Spirograph and looked it up to show him. We came across wild gears. He was blown away! Wish we never found it because we could nev r afford this, amazing product for those with money!

    • I hear you, but as it is not a mass-produced product, but rather produced on demand, economies of scale are not available to lower the cost. Do take a look at the Compact Gear Set, however, which at $40 is only about twice the price of a Spirograph (depending where you buy it). This link is for version 2.0, but version 3.0 should be out before Christmas. It will have some improvements, such as hole numbering, tick marks and prime number factors for those who want to predict the number of points a ring/gear combination will give.

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