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Aligning Both Spirograph Rings on the Same Pattern — 5 Comments

  1. I often have this problem when using the Spirograph Cyclex tool. Using designs from different templates can frequently result in off-centred designs. I wish there was a way round this.

    • I don’t know Cyclex, but I can imagine. One nice thing about Wild Gears is that all the wheels also have a ring, so you can swap them out. And there are some concentric ring setups … I should do a video of that sometime…

    • OMG you are right! I just checked this out on my old Super Spirograph and yes, although the wheels are slightly different sizes, the pinholes DO line up precisely. So much easier! Thank you.

  2. The classic rings have four long lines on them in order to centre the ring perfectly in a square 7,5 cm x 7,5 cm. Those lines are equally spaced on both the rings. The older Spirograph sets had sheets with 12 of those squares for you to assemble your favourite designs.

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