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Spirograph Tips Video from Wayne Schmidt — 2 Comments

  1. I find this youtuber so frustrating because he disables comments on his videos. I often want to comment, sharing experience and tips, but can’t do so.

  2. Nice video… Wayne recommended a few things I have tried with pretty good success. One thing that also works well for me to keep the gears turning smoothly is to occasionally run a wax candle along the inner gears of the stationary ring. Just a bit of wax makes a noticeable difference. Also, when it comes to the inner wheel skipping or jumping over the ring, I found the main cause was the pen. Some pens don’t project quite enough from the barrel to make good contact with the paper. The causes you to press harder and generate enough force to pop the inner gear… so be sure to check your pen to make sure it goes all the way through the disk.

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