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Video: Wild Gears Gear 120 in Ring 210 — 12 Comments

  1. I’m really enjoying your site and I’m inspired to get some Wild Gears. Thanks so much for producing these videos and sharing them with us!

  2. I’m using the Full Page set of Wild Gears and so far find it totally confusing. The patterns created are so unpredictable. While this adds an adventurous element, it also means that I can’t ‘design’ patterns in the way I do with Spirograph, with the point charts which came with the Spiro kits and the ones on this site. I just don’t know how many points a wheel within a ring will create, and then there’s the wheels within wheels within rings!
    I’m sure it’ll all become clear, but some kind of basic chart would have been helpful.

    • I made some charts of points which you can find here: https://spirographicart.com/expanded-table-points-drawing-hypotrochoids-epitrochoids/ – but they don’t have pictures.

      The thing is that when you’re not limited to 144/96 and 150/105, there are so many possibilities that the charts get pretty big.

      Not everyone’s brain works the same way. I’m a natural improviser, whether I’m cooking, gardening, playing music or spirographing. Others prefer to work with recipes or make a firm plan before they start. I found it fun to discover the possibilities long before I made a chart. I tend to draw the pattern with an outer hole, then decide what to do with it on the fly – line up the other holes or make a pinwheel, play with colors, look for another wheel that makes the same number of points. I’m thinking I should write a post about that.

      It did take me a little while to get comfortable with Wild Gears, however, I must admit – to feel them out.

      If you want to make yourself a spreadsheet chart for the gears in your set, the formula is here: https://spirographicart.com/2014/07/07/calculating-points-in-spirograph-pattern/

      Wild Gears is an experimental thing as opposed to a highly developed and refined and mass-produced product like Spirograph is. Keep experimenting!

    • Wow, lucky you! I’m a mother myself, and I’d say that one of the important parts of the job is to see what your kids get excited about, and nurture that by giving them the opportunities to explore those things deeper. (As long as they’re good things, LOL.) So kudos to your mom!

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