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The Rose Engine — 3 Comments

  1. My idea is to find cool designs from my Wild gears and Spirograph gears. When a sweet pattern is found I remove my paper chuck and pen and replace them with a fine tipped cutter (that revolves 10,000 rpm). And a pic of ,wood, plexiglass or soft metal like aluminum or silver. I can then cut the pattern into the material.
    I also need to find a math chart with Prime numbers so I can marry two gears that work well together. Any help would be appreciated.
    The best thing about Plexyglass is one can see the design from both side. 3 inch colored plex makes for a nice Christmas ornament.

  2. So fascinating to learn of this Rose machine Steve. I would love to try it out, but I am not mechanically able to make my own machine. But, I think this is super. Thanks for posting this.

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