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50 Years of Spirograph — 11 Comments

  1. What a great drawing tool! I must have got mine 1969 and I am so glad, that my mom gave it to me a couple of years ago instead of throwing it away.
    I love it, that it survived so many years and especially the digital era. It is just fun and relaxing. Thank you Heather, for your great website!!!

    • Good point about the digital era. With all the amazing things we can do with digital graphics, even imitating Spirograph patterns, we need things like Spirograph that develop the brain in other ways through fine hand-eye coordination, mathematical-like manipulation of materials (I would put knitting in the same category, actually, which is taught in Waldorf schools for this reason) and the pleasure of creating something awesome with your hands.

    • Yes!! Want!! Not available until December, however. It looks like it will be sturdier than the new plastic gears. I assume it will have more weight to it, and I’m looking forward to feeling the difference.

  2. I was just thinking. Can’t you request that Kahootz send you a set to review? Your reviews are very positive so I don’t see them refusing.

  3. Does anyone remember Spirograph 2000 or know what it does. I often see this on ebay and wonder if it’s worth buying, but I’m not sure how it differs from other sets. It looks very odd in the pictures.

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