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Sparkle Spirograph — 5 Comments

  1. I had never seen a Spirograph set like this… interesting indeed, although glitter can be a royal pain at times, the way it constantly falls off the surface on which it is intended to stay and gets on everything…

    You might be interested to know that the link to the glue pen at Amazon came through in my email, but does not show up here on the blog.

    Here’s a shorter form of the link in case others are having the same phenominon…

      • A glitch is a very real possibility, as I have had whole days at a time where some web pages will not fully load… but when that has happened before it was on multiple sites that same day – or rather most of a week, the last time. I haven’t seen it happen anywhere else today.

        I had to look at the video again… it looks to me as if there are some Super Spirograph pieces in the Sparkle Spirograph set. The square ring, and the piece that has three arms don’t come in a regular Spirograph set – at least not that I ever saw before. You can see both before the video runs, and again during commercial.

        • Yes, they’re interesting, except that in a Super Spirograph set they would be in several pieces that you’d put together. These appear to be one piece. The shaped wheels are there, though. It’s also quite late – 1992 – I think the heyday of Spirograph had passed already. Maybe they were trying to revive it with something novel – that bombed, I guess.

          • I have an old Parker Spirograph set which has that square ring and the ring with three arms. Perhaps they have the same origin.

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