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Super Spirograph by the Numbers — 4 Comments

  1. Under the lid of the old Super box, the curvy diamond pattern is called All Curve, even though they didn’t give it a name in the book. In the new Kahootz Super book, they call the same layout Wide Clover. In the old Super Refill kit, there are 3 “mystery” patterns with this shape. They didn’t name any of the layouts of the mystery patterns and there are some not in the Super book. A Butterfly shape is made with (D(convex)+B+C+F+C+B)x2 with 3 mystery patterns. A Dog Biscuit shape is (C(convex)+A+D+B(convex)+D+A)x2 with 3 mystery patterns. An Alternate Diamond shape is (B+F+D+F)x2 with 4 mystery patterns. Whew!!! By the way, I’m trying to find the mystery pattern page to the 4211 refill kit (the swing marker refill). I have a mostly readable outside envelope of this kit. Love your site—keep up the fun!

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