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Friendly Folks at Kahootz Toys — 4 Comments

  1. hi there!
    thank yiou for taking the time to give so much interesting much needed info on spiro –
    am going to order 2 sets thru amazon for 6 yr bthday of 1 grndghtr & her 4 1/2 yr sis — cant leave her out altho perhaps a little young but sounds like its so much fun it will not go to waste — they have cousins all ages & nxt month maybe 1 for me too! thank you – passing along your info & web to their mom & dad also — susan

    • Thanks for your message. You’ll probably find that 4 1/2 is a little young unless she is remarkably dexterous. It’s easy enough to share a set too, until someone gets passionate about it. There are versions designed for younger kids. You may want to try Cyclex, which I haven’t tried or reviewed. Fewer small parts that could get lost. Maybe one of those plus a regular set.

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