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Vintage Spirograph Booklet from 1968 — 3 Comments

  1. This is so nice! I recently bought a 1967 Spirograph and 1969 Super Spirograph at a yard sale, and their booklets didn’t have the owl. It’s a pretty interesting pattern.

  2. Mijn stiefmoeder uit de usa heeft deze liggen en wil hem graag verkopen. Op de pennen na is hij compleet en dus ook met boekje. Heeft iemand hier interesse in?

    TRANSLATION: My stepmother from the USA has this and would like to sell it. Except for the pins, it is complete and therefore also includes a booklet. Is anyone interested in this?

    NOTE ADDED: Pins can be purchased (look for map pins) or you can use poster putty instead. See https://spirographicart.com/2011/12/20/a-better-working-surface/

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