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Designs with Two Racks: Instructions & Videos — 4 Comments

    • It’s true that the new sets only come with one rack, except for the Super set. Maybe you can find incomplete second-hand sets online.

  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to make a six point pattern, but I only see one available using 144/96 with gear 80. I was hoping to find one that looks more like the 8 point star using gear 60 or the 12 point made with gear 56. If there was a way to do that with the current selection of gears, I assumed it would be listed. So can any of the gears be modified, by perhaps drilling another hole in the right place, or using a gear or ring that is not in the set?
    thx D

    • There is a table here that shows the possibilities with the standard Spirograph set. And you’re right, there’s only one 6-pointed pattern. There aren’t any other gears or rings available, even in Super Spirograph.

      However, you could draw a 3-point pattern twice, starting halfway between two of the points the second time. Gears 32 and 64 will give a 3 point pattern in ring 144/96. Some sets don’t have gear 64, however.

      Drilling another hole in a gear wouldn’t change the number of points. (And you’d probably crack the gear.) The number of points is determined by the number of teeth in the gear and in the ring using a mathematical formula explained here.

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