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Spirotot Totally Mastered by Ariella Zwillinger — 5 Comments

  1. Ariella, the montage is as awesome as the previous collage.

    Heather mam, can you add a post about simple harmonographs & pintogtaphs & how can we make a homemade harmonograph making apparatus (of smaller size/portable)in your blog. I searched on web but the methods are not so easy to follow & the apparatus is also of giant size.It should be user friendly like Spirograph tool.

    • Dhaval, that is a very interesting idea, but I’ve never tried it. I see someone did create such a thing to sell as a toy, and it probably didn’t get as famous as Spirograph, probably because it’s much more complicated so set up. Here’s a link to a used one available on Amazon UK (the picture may disappear when someone buys this one, and if so, search for “Harmonograph Drawing Machine”. There are many ways to build such a thing; it would be a great project. There are lots of different videos available on YouTube. I would try to build one; it would be more sturdy than a plastic toy. Let us know if you succeed!

  2. Oh Ariella – this piece of art is so simple, yet so incredibly complicated. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing!
    Barb from Northeast Ohio

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