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Ariella’s Incredible Spirograph Collage — 22 Comments

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  1. wow! this is not kiddie stuff.
    it is more like sculpture.
    it should be recognized accordingly.
    it is a museum quality.
    my children had the old style spirograph.
    they loved it
    but this is a new twist . I cant imagine somebody spending so
    much time putting this piece of ART!
    bravo to ariella!
    she seems to be too modest .
    without the story describing ariella’s effort one could falsely
    think the effort was a swish of the tool and out came this fabulous ARTWORK. only an ARTIST or G-D can come up with this art!!
    keep it up ariella.

  2. I am so impressed. Do you remember how you did all these various patterns? Would you be willing to share instructions? I think your patterns are just marvelous.

    • Hi, thanks so much! All of the spirographs that I did were just from the booklet that comes with the set, and I just messed around with the colors. The other ones were from a spirotot, which is meant for kids origninally, but I think it’s so fun and interesting seeing how the patterns fit together and the effects they make.

      • Ok. How old is your spirograph set? Because in my booklet there are only some of these patterns, maybe it’s simply too old, my set is from the 1970s…

        • Don’t be limited by what the booklets give you. Just grab a ring and any wheel and see what you get. Then run with it. Do a different hole in a different color, but line it up with the first pattern, for example. I guess I should make a blog post about improvising in Spirograph. It’s kind of like playing jazz… or playing a real game of basketball and not just drills.

  3. Ariella, you really encouraged me with your piece of work. Its really awesome. Keep making such artworks and encourage us to learn from you.

    Thanks heather for running such a wonderful blog. Waiting for your next post.

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