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Super Spirograph: Curvy Diamond — 5 Comments

  1. If I had two Super Spirograph sets, would it be possible to make a greater variety of ring shapes? The reason I’m interested is that my vintage set is missing the (female) end pieces – I’ve been searching ebay for these for ages, with no luck – so I’m thinking of buying one of the new ‘complete’ sets. I would love your opinion about this. Thanks.

    • Yes, I think so. I can’t give directions because I haven’t been in a position to try it. You’d want to get bigger paper (A3 or 11×17″). You might need to use pins or a LOT of putty to firmly hold down those pieces with missing ends. I haven’t tried the new super pieces, so don’t know how well the ends would fit with the old ones. I love the curvier shapes best, so having more pieces to make more curves sounds good to me. Hope you’ll report on your results if you try it.

  2. Sorry but, the way I get it, the shapes of the pieces go D B C C B D B C C B. I only used two D pieces. I just could not get it to work with four D pieces. Did this happen to anyone else?

  3. I’m not sure where to post this. Has anyone made a sort of hourglass shape with the bonus tracks, using D A D A B A B A ? I calculate 156 teeth on the inside. Wheels 84 and 80 won’t even clear the inside. Wheel 72 produced a nice shape with 13 points. So does Wheel 60. Then, there’s Wheel 52, which males 3 points! I don’t know how to post a photo in the comments. Try it!

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