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Super Spirograph Therapy Session — 7 Comments

  1. The complete pattern would have 268 points on it according to my calculations ! Now 268×4 = 1072, which is almost 17×63 or 1071. So we have efectively a 17-pointed pattern.

  2. Spirograph resurrected my artistic hobby. I’m an art major and work in advertising. I stopped drawing many years ago as Adobe Products started to spoil my everyday creativity. Just getting into Spirograph and for the first time again, drawing with a fine marker using a Spirograph wheel, it is a little scary if I make a mistake on paper.

    • Sounds therapeutic. Give yourself permission to make mistakes! Psssst: I’ll tell you a secret – you can always scan your designs and clean them up in Photoshop. 😉

  3. I love nothing better than creating and completing a beautiful design with my Super Spirograph. I dislike nothing more than almost finishing a beautiful design and having a pen or wheel slip and botch it all. It is like playing a round of golf on a good day vs. a bad one!

    • I hear you. And a confession: After scanning the designs to put on the website, I get to photoshop them, and can remove the worse messes – stray lines or blotches. Maybe I shouldn’t, and keep it real!

  4. How funny I just happened to look up spirograph therapy to see if such a thing existed. I am 51 years old and today I bought a spirograph set. No, I do not have any children. This is totally for me. I just enjoyed a glass of wine and a spirograph therapy session. I remember how much fun it was playing with my spirograph growing up. But now that I’m older I’m actually using the markings to make more sophisticated and complex designs. Here’s to therapy!

    • Good for you! I’m glad you found the site and you know that you’re not alone. There are more layers to this spirograph thing to be discovered…

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