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Super Spirograph: Curvy Diamond — 2 Comments

  1. If I had two Super Spirograph sets, would it be possible to make a greater variety of ring shapes? The reason I’m interested is that my vintage set is missing the (female) end pieces – I’ve been searching ebay for these for ages, with no luck – so I’m thinking of buying one of the new ‘complete’ sets. I would love your opinion about this. Thanks.

    • Yes, I think so. I can’t give directions because I haven’t been in a position to try it. You’d want to get bigger paper (A3 or 11×17″). You might need to use pins or a LOT of putty to firmly hold down those pieces with missing ends. I haven’t tried the new super pieces, so don’t know how well the ends would fit with the old ones. I love the curvier shapes best, so having more pieces to make more curves sounds good to me. Hope you’ll report on your results if you try it.

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