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More Spirograph Pens: Uni-Ball Vision — 2 Comments

  1. I found my son’s Spirograph glitter set that we purchased as a Christmas gift in the the early 90s (I think). His daughter is trying to learn how to use it. Does anyone know what size pen tip works for this set? Also, I believe there was a glitter glue pen with this set. Does anyone know where a replacement can be purchased? Thanks!

    • Is it the “Sparkle Spirograph” set in this video?

      It looks like a pen with glue in it (I wonder if you had to squeeze it to get it out), then you sprinkle sparkles over the result and blow them away, and they stick to where the pen passed over.

      Other than that, though, it looks like regular Spirograph parts. You should be able to use any fine-tipped pen to make non-sparkly designs. There are so many choices. There are also glitter gel pens available now that you could try, though in my experience gel pens tend to smear easily because they take longer to dry, compared to felt-tip or ballpoint pens.

      I’m sure there are lots of new things available since it first came out. I did a search for “glue pen” on Amazon and found this:

      I’ll make a new post about it, and see if we get any useful contributions!

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