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Super Spirograph Therapy Session — 5 Comments

  1. The complete pattern would have 268 points on it according to my calculations ! Now 268×4 = 1072, which is almost 17×63 or 1071. So we have efectively a 17-pointed pattern.

  2. Spirograph resurrected my artistic hobby. I’m an art major and work in advertising. I stopped drawing many years ago as Adobe Products started to spoil my everyday creativity. Just getting into Spirograph and for the first time again, drawing with a fine marker using a Spirograph wheel, it is a little scary if I make a mistake on paper.

    • Sounds therapeutic. Give yourself permission to make mistakes! Psssst: I’ll tell you a secret – you can always scan your designs and clean them up in Photoshop. 😉

  3. I love nothing better than creating and completing a beautiful design with my Super Spirograph. I dislike nothing more than almost finishing a beautiful design and having a pen or wheel slip and botch it all. It is like playing a round of golf on a good day vs. a bad one!

    • I hear you. And a confession: After scanning the designs to put on the website, I get to photoshop them, and can remove the worse messes – stray lines or blotches. Maybe I shouldn’t, and keep it real!

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